Rocco Buonvino


Rocco’s mission is to create the best possible platform for new emerging artists and songwriters to share their music alongside some big names in the industry and for music fans to discover new music and learn more about the business. Rocco is also known for his huge stage shows with such names as Al Pacino, Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sophia Loren, and many more.


Elaine Harrison

Executive producer | pr

Elaine is an Author, Coach, Author Coach, Publicist and Producer. She specialises in taking authors from being Stuck to being Successful. Elaine has 37 years’ experience working in the media and 20 years’ experience as a coach. She also has close ties to the music world and has enjoyed singing backing vocals on tracks in her spare time.


Eugene Stickney

Creative Director

Eugene is a professional musician and comes from a line of (3 generations) of drummers. He was a session drummer for over 15 years where he toured and also taught the drums. Eugene has been also working in the creative industry for many years, heading up creative teams for some of the UK’s biggest retail, fashion & creative companies.


Lawrence Gill

Music Industry Consultant

Lawrence Gill works in various music industry roles across sync licensing, publishing and audio post-production, and is a composer for a couple of sync agencies and music libraries in the USA & UK.


Sidney Brown

Content Editor | Web Developer

Sidney is a budding web developer and video editor with a background in Maths and Physics. After graduating from UCL, Sid juggles his passion for music, science and code, unifying all three wherever he can in anything he works on.

Madalene Chan (LLCM)

Artistic Director | AR

Madalene Chan, LLCM, artist, singer/songwriter studied and gained her higher qualifications in contemporary music with the University of West London. She was one of the original members of the 90s UK hit band ‘Steps’, supported Sony Act “Bedlam A Go Go, and as Artist “Maddee Loveday”, she reached top positions in dance and club music charts which reached no 7 in the billboard dance charts with her hit single ‘Follow Love’.

Who Are We?

Fab Song is a brand new TV series launching on Sky 191 in April 2021 featuring music videos from unsigned artists and bands. This “Top of the Home-Made Pops” is a unique platform, offering YOU the chance to get YOUR music video featured on TV.

After a year of no open mic nights, no live performances or concerts we are giving you the opportunity to share your awesome home-brewed music videos on a Sky TV platform.

During the pandemic pop stars and indie artists alike have taken new approaches to creating music and music videos. Artists have had to think outside the box; rehearsing, jamming, compiling, and recording music videos in impromptu film studios in their bedrooms, box rooms and garages.

You can take a musician out of music, but you cannot take music out of a musician. You can lock an artist down, but not their creativity. Fab Song is a great opportunity for you to unleash your creativity and share your talent with the world.

Like an open mic night from the comfort of your own home; join in, share your music and be an appreciative audience for other artists, whatever the genre. This is TV ‘for the artists by the artists’

Fab Song TV is the brainchild of impresario Rocco Buonvino – better known for his huge stage shows in London with names such as Al Pacino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Sir Cliff Richard, Whoopi Goldberg, Rod Stewart, Sylvester Stallone, Michael Douglas and Sophia Loren, and many more.

“Music is in my blood. I have worked with many big artists of all types over the years, but it still boils down to music. I know how many artists have struggled so my mission and passion is about giving talent a platform on TV without red-tape politics” – Rocco Buonvino

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